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Welcome to Crew 2090 Scoutlander Page!

It's all about the Adventure...

Crew 2090's Mission Statement:  "As members of Crew 2090 we are seeking adventure and new friendships by participating in fun activities that develop and strengthen skills as we learn new things."

Venturing's Purpose: to provide positive experiences to help young people mature and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults. 

Planning Meetings:  Last Friday of each month at the Scout Lodge in Litchfield Park, AZ.

Upcoming Activities

                                 Local Event  Adventure Event   
January, 2017

Ice Skating
Lodge Eagle Project

February, 2017

March, 2017

Bowling  White Tanks Hike
April, 2017

Feed My Starving Children  
May, 2017

Sky Zone Glow Night
June, 2017

Laser Tag
Golf/Ice Cream

July, 2017 

   Seven Springs Crayfish Catch

August, 2017 

 Escape Room
Clothing Drive
 Dairy Springs/NAU/Ski Lift Campout

September, 2017 

 Bowling Fossil Creek/Verde Hot Springs Campout 

October, 2017

Castles N Coasters 
 Yarnell Hot Shots Memorial Hike

November, 2017 

 Escape Room
Basket Service Project
 Seven Springs Campout
and Service Project

December, 2017 

 Toy Drive
Holiday Party
 Tucson/UofA/Biosphere Campout

Our crew is an events and adventures opportunity for adolescents.  While we would love for every member to participate in every activity, it is understandable that some members may only be able to make it out to one or two events a month.  That's okay!  Choose your favorite activities that work for your schedule and come out and have fun with us!  If you have ideas for activities, be sure to come to a planning meeting and pitch your ideas to the group so that your activity can be added to our schedule.  

Membership Information

For more information about becoming a Crew Member, please contact our Crew Advisor, Nicole Graybill at

Requirements:  All members must abide by the Scout Oath, Law and Motto.

        Age:  Male and female members are 14-21 years of age (or 13 and completed with 8th grade)
        Application:  Youth applications are due for members under the age of 18.  
- If over 18, an adult application and completion of Youth Protection Training is required.  
        Dual Registration:  Dual registration in both Boy Scouts and Venturing is permissible and encouraged.  
Cost:  The BSA registration fee is $40.00 per year and is prorated throughout the year (12-current month*$40).  If a member pays registration through another unit (Boy Scout Troop), the fee is waived.

Activities:  All activities should be arranged by the members with minimal guidance, as necessary, from the Crew Advisor.  This allows the members to grow and mature as they plan simple to complicated events.  Crew schedules typically consist of one monthly planning meeting and one monthly event, which can range from bowling, a sports game, horseback riding or touring a culinary arts school to hiking, camping and whitewater rafting.  The program is limited only by the imaginations and abilities of the members to plan activities. 

Fund Raising:  The opportunity for fund raising to offset the cost of activities is available, but we are currently seeking a fund raising advisor to help provide guidance to the members in planning these events.

Service Projects:  As a BSA organization, it is important that our Crew gives back to the community through regular community service events.

Awards:  The purpose of the Crew is growth and journey, but recognition is built into the program based on participation and growth as a leader. 
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Adult Application Fillable_opt.pdf Application for Adult Members (fillable)  
Youth Application - FILLABLE_opt.pdf Application for Youth Members (fillable)