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Boy Scout Troop 493
(Virginia Beach, Virginia)
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Need to know Troop Info

TROOP493  -THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW!                      Reviewed:  Jan 2020




1.COMPLETEscout uniform – Scout Shirt (or yellow T-shirt in summer), Scout pants (orshorts) (Jeans or “off color” pants are NOTacceptable).


2.ScoutHandbook (a must to advance!)


3.Pencil(or pen), and notebook (or paper)


4.Rope(Issued by the troop, color depending upon skills demonstrated)




1.Campingtrips (or other scheduled events) are expected to be paid for as soon as theprice becomes known (usually the Monday night meeting after the event).  Ten dollars ($10.00) towards each trip isexpected by the date of the trip if there is NOT enough money in the scout’saccount to cover this cost.  Should thecost be less than $10.00, the remaining money will be credited towards thescout’s account.  Trip fees may becovered from the scout’s account, or will be debited from the account if nomoney is forthcoming within a reasonable time frame after a trip. Scouts havinga NEGATIVE account balance will be notified at the Monday night troopmeeting.  Scouts whose account exceeds a-$50.00 may be prohibited fromattending an event without “up front” costs for the trip being covered.


2.Scoutuniforms are REQUIRED on EVERY trip or event unless notified beforehand.  Scouts who show-up WITHOUT the prescribeduniform will be asked to change, or acquire their uniform before departing.


3.Thetroop makes every attempt to BEGIN and END events when scheduled, and DEPARTand RETURN from trips when scheduled.Unforeseen difficulties occasionally come up to affect these times, oryour abilities to deliver or pick-up your son accordingly.  However … please make every attempt to do so,as late arrivals to pick-up scouts affect at least 2 other adults who mustremain behind with your son until his departure.  You SHOULD be receiving a phone call fromyour son when 30 mins. Out when returning from any long distance camping tripor event.  Thanks!


4.Thetroop’s SCHEDULE is updated at everyMonday night troop meeting, and posted on the troop’s website.  Your son should know a week BEFORE an eventif he will be able to attend.  Those whoSAY they are going are expected to attend (emergencies excepted).  We MUST know in advance in order to schedulethe required resources for any event.Your assistance is appreciated.


5.Scoutmeetings begin at 7:30pm and end at 9:00pm.The exception to that is for scouts who are involved in merit badgework, or have a scheduled conference or review (their arrival time is 7:00pm),or for special meetings designated as such on the schedule.  Scouts who do NOT have a need to be at themeeting prior to 7:30 place a burden on those adults required to bepresent.  To ensure the safety and wellbeing of your son, please check to make sure required adult supervision ispresent before dropping him off for an event.Again, thanks.


6.Pleasefeel free to call or e-mail the SCOUTMASTER (Wayne Richardson at 481-0575, or285-0261 and at ANY time you have a question concerning theTroop’s operation.  He is the main pointof contact for ALL troop information.This will ensure the information requested gets to the right person onthe Troop Committee or Scoutmaster Staff.