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What age can my son join scouts?
If he is in cub scouts and has earned the Arrow of  Light award then he can join at age 10 1/2.
Otherwise your son can join if he has finished the 5th grade and is 11 years old.

much does it cost ? Are there dues?
Troop 96 collects annual dues of $85 from each scout.  This will be used to pay the national registration of $33.00 and the $12.00 for a subscription to Boys Life magazine.  It is also used to pay for awards given out at our Courts of Honor.

Are there other costs?
We charge a fee for our scheduled outings to cover food, fuel and camping fees generally this is about $20.00.  If the trip is especially long, or requires traveling many miles, or otherwise unusually expensive the fee may be more than $20.00. 

Are uniforms required and how much do they cost ?
Although there is no time requirement for purchasing uniforms.  Each Scout will receive a troop t-shirt, also known as a "Class B", but they are encouraged to obtained their uniform as soon as possible.  If there is a monetary hardship we can help. Shirts including all the required patches generally run around $50.00. 

When and where do you have your meetings ?
We meet every monday at 7:00 PM at Perry United Methodist Church at 1002 Carroll Street, in Perry, unless we had a campout the weekend before. Mondays following a campout are usually merit badge nights when scouts working on merit badges can meet with their counselor.  Our meetings are generally over at 8:30. We welcome visitors and everyone is invited to come and see what scouting is all about.

How often do you go camping ?
Boys love to camp so we try to go at least once a month if possible.  We go to summer camp and winter camp.  Our trips are usually Friday night to Sunday, but trips to the beach or the mountains can be four or five days long.