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Day Camp Journal Entry #1

Hello to all of our campers and their families!  Welcome to Camp Week Update #1.

I will be sending all of you an email each day of camp to keep you informed of our activities and pass along any information that may need to be given to you that was not already communicated.  
I will also post these updates on our Website at

  1. Charles Hughes and I will be ready and waiting for you all at St. Stephen's church at 7:30 am each morning.  Please do all you can to be on time.
  2. If you did not take advantage of the pre-registration on Saturday, please make sure that your scout(s) have their medical forms ready to go when we meet at the church tomorrow morning.  I will bring extra just in case but it will be far easier if you print one off and fill it out prior to tomorrow morning.
  3. All scouts will receive a cup for drinking water, a T-Shirt, and a backpack when the check in at camp.  It is important for the boys to wear their T-Shirt and bring their backpack and cup EVERY DAY.
  4. Most of you are probably aware of the forecast for high temperatures and humidity this coming week.  Be assured that your scout's safety is our primary concern in weather like this.  Charles and I have plenty of experience preventing and dealing with dehydration.  Just last week we were both in Boy Scout summer camp and dealt with the heat and humidity there - with no scouts becoming dehydrated.  We will be stressing, as will the camp staff, the importance of hydration and assuring that each of our scouts are drinking plenty of water. The camp staff has also set up most activity stations in shaded portions of camp.  You can help us with this.  Please stress to your scout the importance of drinking water, and lots of it, while doing outdoor activities in heat and have them drink extra water tonight.  Hydration starts long before exposure to the heat starts.  Have them drink at least a couple extra glasses of water tonight.
  5. Contact numbers for Charles and I:  John Elliott(856-628-2841) and Charles Hughes(856-693-2970),  We will have our phones with us all week.  You can contact us if needed.  Please understand however that cell reception is sometimes spotty in camp.
  6. Monday is Crazy Sock day - show that you are crazy for scouting by wearing your craziest socks!
We are looking forward to a great week of discovery and fun with your scout.  
See you tomorrow morning.

Day Camp Journal Entry #2

Well, Day 1 of Summer Day Camp is in the books.  The boys behaved pretty well today.

Today we did the following:
  1. Played some games and had a good old fashion sack race.
  2. Did some fishing - 2 fish were caught within our den.  We have several good fisherman.
  3. Learned the safety lessons for boating and practiced how to get in and out of the row boat.
  4. Did Archery
  5. Made our totems for our beads and came up with a Den Name.  We are now Den 2: THE COOL CUBS.
  6. We made Pepperoni, Pizza on Pita bread in foil on an open fire.
  7. Made colored beads.
  8. And, of course, shot BB guns.
All in All it was a great day.

Starting tomorrow, please dress your scout in their bathing suit in the morning and pack a pair of dry clothes for after water time.  We had a heck of a time getting them to change twice in an hour.
Keep pushing the hydration to them.  I think we did a pretty good job today but parental reminders are always a good thing.

On Friday at 3 pm there will be a closing campfire.  It would be great if you could all make it down to watch your scout perform the skit we are putting together, sing songs, and received awards.
Please let me know if you plan on attending.

I think that is it for now.  Enjoy a couple of shots I took today.

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Day Camp Journal Entry #3

Day 2 of Summer Day Camp is now complete.  

Today we:
  1. Went fishing again - 7 fish were caught within our den.
  2. Did Archery again.  Several boys improved significantly.
  3. Began to make a craft however it was a bit involved and we did not complete it.  I have all of the boys craft material and will work out when we can complete them.
  4. We made Mountain Man breakfast for cooking.  If you have never had it, you don't know what you're missing.  Ask your scout what Mountain Man breakfast is.
  5. Did several science experiments.
  6. Played GaGa ball and ran an obstacle
  7. And, of course, shot BB guns.
Another great day was had by all.

Starting tomorrow, I think we can safely move to meeting at the church parking lot at 7:45 instead of 7:30.

Day Camp Journal Entry #4

Well, Day 3 of summer camp was a long day for our boys.
We were down 3 boys today so we had 5 boys for the day.

Today was filled up.
  1. More Gaga ball and a new game to solve a mystery from just 5 clues.
  2. We had a tough day fishing.  The fish just refused to bite - that might have had something to do with all of the oars from the rowers banging the water all around us.  I think 1 fish was caught.
  3. We then went rowing.  The boys rode in the row boats with the adults except for Will who, it seems, is a pretty good kayaker.  The boys then had their chance to row and did quite well.
  4. We then had a presentation by the Salem County K-9 unit.  They showed us several of their K-9 dog's abilities.  The officers explained the training that they and the dogs must go through.  They also explained that they take their dogs home with them to develop the bond they need to have.  A very impressive display.
  5. Then it was off to the archery range where the boys continue to improve.
  6. For craft we made a bird house out of a milk carton.
  7. At cooking we made cinnamon sugar apples on the coals and tried to cook hot dogs in a bun on a stick over the fire.  Unfortunately, the hot dogs kept falling off the stick so we didn't have too much luck with them.
  8. Then it was off to the BB range.  The boys continue to improve their shooting.
Once the closing ceremony was over, we traveled to the near by Boy Scout camp where we visited with some Boy Scouts from Troop 7 that were at camp this week.  We watched an aquatics competition, went to the provisional unit camp site and checked that out.  Then we went to the parade field and participated in the closing ceremony.  Mr. Elliott and Declan even had to do a dance so that the boys could be dismissed after the ceremony.

On our way home we stopped at Mott's farm for a slushie and then finally returned home.

Please have the boys at the church tomorrow at 7:45 again for another great day at camp.
Enjoy a couple of pix.

See you all tomorrow.

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Day Camp Journal Entry #5

Our fun was cut a period short today due to the nasty weather that arrived this afternoon.
We were doing our Archery period and had not yet shot when the skies opened up.
We did have a good bit of fun though prior to the rain.

  1. For craft time, we made cast imprints of our feet by stepping in sand and then filling our footprint with plaster.  We need to let them dry - so we will bring them home tomorrow 
  2. In cooking we made a apple cobbler that all the boys recognized as what we had made on our camping trip.  It was delicious.  We then finished up by roasting marshmallows.
  3. In STEM, we experimented with all kinds of fun things you can do with dry ice in water.  We made bubbles with the vapor created by the dry ice in the water, created a glowing bubble in the bowl we mixed it in by dropping a glow stick into the water.
  4. Then it was off to the BB range.  The boys continue to improve their shooting.
  5. After lunch - More Gaga ball - they boys are really digging that game.
  6. Our fishing time was a little short because of some thunder.  The boys were not released to go to the fishing dock until the thunder was 30 minutes in the past.  We still caught a couple of fish.
  7. Then it was off to the archery range but the heavens opened up and we really didn't even get a chance to get any shooting in.
As of the writing of this email, the camp staff indicated that they had a "Plan B" for camp tomorrow if the weather is as bad as originally forecast.  With that being said, it looks to me like the forecast has improved for tomorrow (at least in the afternoon).  So, we will still meet at the church at 7:45 am for going to camp.  At this point, we will assume that the 3 pm camp fire will still happen.  If you are planning to come, please plan on arriving shortly before 3 pm.  You can take your scout home from day camp directly if you are there.  I would anticipate a slightly earlier arrival time coming home if you can not be there tomorrow afternoon.  My guess is that we will be back around 5 pm if we have to bring your scout home.  We will continue to use the Remind system to keep you up to date.

See you all tomorrow.
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