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Cub Scout Pack 141
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Important Information For Parents To Know...

About Our Pack

Pack 141 is a growing, close knit Cub Scout pack for boys in grades 1 through 5. We are part of the Oconeechee Council and Awahili District. Our leaders are very dedicated to making scouting a fun, educational, and rewarding experience for your son and your family.

Our pack stresses qualities such as respect, honesty, and camaraderie. While our focus is on providing a fulfilling scouting experience for our boys, we also offer many family-oriented events as well, such as family campouts and outings.

Scout Participation

We encourage sons and their families to view Scouting as a commitment. While occasional absences can be worked around, the scouting program does not lend itself to frequent nonattendance.

Parent Involvement

It is impossible for us to offer your son a quality scouting experience without your involvement. Accordingly, in order for your son to participate in our pack, all parents must donate their time to a pack leadership position or to the planning and execution of a specific event. 

Absences/Leaving the Pack

Please contact your son’s den leader if you know he will be absent for a meeting/outing/etc. (Knowing that someone will not be at a meeting helps leaders plan accordingly, start their meeting on time, etc.) There is no pressure to stay in the pack if your son feels it is not for him. If your son does want to leave the pack, please contact your den leader as soon as possible.

Cancellation Policy and Procedure

Our pack follows the Wake County Traditional School calendar. If Wake County Schools are off due to holidays, or inclement weather, our Pack will not meet.

If a pack meeting or outing is canceled unexpectedly, your son’s den leader will contact you.

Den Meetings

The Dens meet each Tuesday of the month at 6:30PM at New Bethel Baptist Church. The Dens/Pack follow the Traditional School Calendar, so if school is out (due to holidays or inclement weather), there will be no Den or Pack meeting.

Upon arriving at the church for our weekly meetings, all boys will meet in the fellowship hall for a combined Pack and Troop flag ceremony and then head directly to their appropriate dens to begin the night’s activities. All den meetings will end at 7:30.

Pack Meetings

The Pack meets bi-monthly during one of the Tuesday meetings in the fellowship hall of the New Bethel Baptist Church. The Pack Meeting is where the Cub Scouts are presented with any awards they earned in the Dens as well as doing some fun events with the rest of the Dens in the Pack.  Ceremonies may be incorporated to help impart special emphasis upon the occasion.

Membership Dues

Registration and Pack Accident Insurance fees are collected on an annual basis at the beginning of the scout year.  At this time, the Scout may also choose to purchase a yearly subscription to Boy’s Life Magazine. If a scout joint at any time other during the year, the fees are prorated.

  • Registration and Insurance: $32
  • Optional $12 (for Boys Life Magazine)

Money from dues is used to purchase den and pack meeting materials, badges and awards, and to supplement the costs to scouts for outings and campouts.

You will have the choice how you would like to pay your Pack dues. The dues may be paid monthly or yearly with the scout year running from September to June of each year.  Dues will be $100 per year (34 weeks x $1 plus $56 per Scout for den supplies). Please see the Treasurer to let him know how you plan to pay. All Scouts are encouraged to earn their weekly dues. If you decide to pay your dues up front, please remember to encourage your Scout to perform responsibilities/good deeds, etc. to earn his way through Cub Scouts.

** Parents are encouraged to register as committee members. 

What to Buy

Each scout and his family will need to provide/purchase the following:

  • Uniform. This includes (at minimum) the scouting shirt (either blue or khaki depending on rank), the appropriate patches (Central Carolina Council patch, Pack 141 numerals, etc.), and neckerchief, neckerchief slide, and belt. You may optionally purchase the following:  hat, pants, socks, etc. See also the uniform policy below*.
  • Rank-Level Handbook
  • You may purchase the above at the Occoneechee Council Store located at 3231 Atlantic Avenue, Raleigh, or call 919-872-4884 for directions. You may also purchase the above online at

The pack provides the following:

  • All rank badges and awards, including belt loops
  • Materials for projects and activities, unless otherwise noted
  • Planning of all activities and outings

Behavior Policy

The Behavior of the Scout is set forth in the Pack Law and the Promise. It is our objective to teach each Scout the meaning of the Promise and Law as it related to his everyday life. The Scouting movement is designed primarily to teach values of good citizenship as the Scout develops his duty to God, County, others and himself.

If a Scout behaves in a manner unbecoming of a Cub at a weekly meeting he will be warned once. If the Scout behaves in a manner unbecoming of a Scout a second time in the same meeting, he will call a parent to come pick him up immediately.

The following are not permitted during pack meetings or on pack outings:

  • Disrespect, in either words or actions, towards Pack Leaders, Scouts, or parents.
  • Running/horseplay and yelling/shouting during inappropriate times.

If a leader has to speak to a scout repeatedly about his behavior, parents may be asked to remain on-site during meetings. If the behavior continues, the scout may be asked to leave the Pack.

Uniform Policy

Scouts are expected to wear their uniforms (Class A) to all Pack meetings, events, and award ceremonies (unless otherwise noted).

The Class A Uniform is comprised of the scout shirt, including patches, plus the neckerchief with some sort of clasp, the hat and belt. Scouts may optionally wear their pants, socks, etc. Pants or shorts will be free of rips, tears, frayed edges, etc. If hats are worn, they will be worn front and center.

Each scout and his family will need to provide/purchase the following:

  • Uniform. This includes (at minimum) the scouting shirt (either blue or khaki depending on rank), the appropriate patches (Occoneechee Council patch, Pack 141 numerals, etc.), and neckerchief, neckerchief slide, hat and belt. You may optionally purchase the following:  pants, socks, etc. See also the uniform policy below*.
  • Rank-Level Handbook

You may purchase the above at the Occoneechee Council Store located at 3231 Atlantic Avenue, Raleigh, or call 919-872-4884 for directions. You may also purchase the above online at

The Class B Uniform is the Pack t-shirt and either jeans or shorts. It is encouraged that the Class B Uniform be worn for any event where the Class A Uniform is not required but the Pack will be seen in public.

There is a 30 day grace period for the shirt, hat and belt uniform.

The thought behind the official uniform is that this uniform changes very little in appearance; thus, the Pack should be able to dress the same for numerous years.

The distinctive blue and gold uniform is undoubtedly one of the major incentives for young boys to become Cub Scouts. It is graphic evidence that they belong, that they are members of the world’s largest boys’ organization – “The Boy Scouts of America.” The uniform also does these things for a boy:

·        It reminds him to live up the Cub Scout Promise, Law of the Pack, and motto- Do Your Best.

·        It encourages neat, correct appearance as well as proper behavior.

·        It provides the only place for proper display of his badges and awards.

·        It reminds him of the steps along the Scouting trail and encourages him to continue into Boy Scouting.

If the reason for not having a complete uniform is financial, the parent needs to bring it to the attention of the Cub Master or Troop Committee Chairman. They will work with the treasurer to obtain a complete uniform. This information will be kept strictly confidential. Anyone wishing to donate their “experienced” uniforms to the Scout Closet are encouraged give them to a Committee Member.


There are usually two or more camping outings during the year. All Pack members are encouraged to attend, but not required. A parent or Legal Guardian must accompany all scouts when camping. Parents are still responsible for their own children during every campout. Each family will need to supply their own equipment (tents, sleeping bag, cooking equipment, etc.). If you don’t know what to get, how to camp, or just need general help, call the Cub Master. We will do everything we can to help you get started on some of the best times you will have with your family.

Please note that at the Cub Scout level, camping is NOT a requirement. Camping trips are viewed as outings that give the boys time to have fun together while learning new things. Any Scout not interested in staying overnight is encouraged to participate in all day activities that take place during the camping trip.

As with Scout Policy, no alcohol or drugs are allowed.

Special Events

Special projects are held throughout the year with all Scouts expected to participate. These projects vary, but will include Scout demonstrations, participating in community functions, marching in parades, conservation projects, Scout Sunday and other activities.

The Pack conducts money-raising projects as needed throughout the year. This is an excellent opportunity for the Scouts to earn their way to various events throughout the year. One example is the Popcorn Fundraiser. The amount of profit the Pack retains is set by Occoneechee Council; all profit goes to the Scouts based on his individual sales to pay for his events throughout the year.

In addition to their regular meetings and outdoor activities, our Pack has other special events, held at various times of the year. To name a couple of or special events, we have a Blue and Gold Banquet, which is the highlight of the program year. We also have a Cub Scout Derby where we build our own pinewood cars and race them... exciting stuff!

These events are just a preview of the great things we have going on in our Rolesville Pack!